Our Beverages

Warm goodness Brewed with love

The blend is made from 7 kinds of Arabica washed beans and 1 kind of Robusta. The mix of beans from Central America, Africa and India creates a great, balanced coffee with floral notes and a chocolate after taste.

Has wonderful properties of compact and persistent creaminess, fragrant and fruity aroma, rich and velvet flavor.

Hot Chocolates & Seasonal specials

Hot warming drinks from Hot chocolate to our signature seasonal spice pumpkin drinks over christmas – topped with our creamy whipped cream. Yum!

Smoothies & Frappes

Refreshing Summer smoothies and frappes flavours include – strawberry shake , caramel frappe, summer fruits smoothie

Lattes & Coffee

Our Italian coffee beans brewed with love to get your mornings off to the perfect start